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These days the traditional square design of concrete is waning. Today, customers want sweeping circles and tight radiuses integrated into their designs. Many contractors are turning away from the traditional wood, masonite, and metal and leaning towards the benefits of Bender Board. 

​Using Bender Board for concrete forming is useful as the boards are easily washed and reusable. This will reduce job-site waste as well as having the added benefit of using a product made from recyclable material. 

Additionally, they are lighter than wood and easier to work with, significantly decreasing the time it takes a crew to assemble formwork. 

easy to

work with

Bender Board fencing will last a lifetime as it will not rust or rot. The boards have 25 year UV inhibitors. This means that it never has to be painted!


Fencing Project

This Bender Board fence uses 1 7/8" steel posts, galvanized black, spaced at 76 1/2" to center.

The 1X6 Bender Board is cut to 78 1/2" lengths and pre-drilled and slotted for #10 self-tapping screws. One screw per board end seems to be enough to withstand 60 MPH winds.

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