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artificial turf

Bender Board is a unique framing material that can be used to simplify the installation process of artificial grass/turf. 


Many have been searching for the answer to "how to straighten artificial grass?" Bender Board can provide free-form or straight line perimeters. It is used to provide a secure surface to attach your synthetic grass and artificial grass putting green products. 



Standard procedure in the industry for installing a residential artificial lawn is to first excavate the area to a depth of 3 1/2 to 4 inches. If there is an existing irrigation system, most companies will cap it off or redirect your water for free. 


Bender Board Installation:

The best method of installation is to install the Bender Board around the entire perimeter. This provides a secure edge to for stapling the grass. You should galvanize the staples at three-inch intervals.


Some installers decide to only put Bender Board where there are no existing concrete borders, such as the soft landscape areas that border flower beds. unfortunately, this does not guarantee that tripping hazards will not develop over time or that animals will not lift up or burrow under the edges without a Bender Board edge. 


Some installers will use wooden stakes to secure the Bender Board in place. This is fine when the Bender Board is up against concrete borders such as sidewalks because it will ultimately be pinned in place between the compacted substrate and existing concrete, but remember; this wood will eventually rot. 



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