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Bender Board is a plastic edging product for landscaping and concrete forming. Bender Board is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, and will not decompose or rot.  Bender Board excels as a forming board for concrete, for the installation of artificial turf and even as a fence. The best part is, it is strong, resistant to splintering or breakage, will not rot, and is completely insect proof!

Bender Board landscaping edging is available in three different widths and comes in lengths of twenty feet. Widths available are 1X4, 2X4 and 1X6. 


Due to working with recycled plastic all sizes are approximate. We manufacture as close to common sizes as possible but depending on the mix of recycled plastic, the size of the board will vary. 

Bender Board is made of 100% recycled polyethylene plastics that are recovered from blue box collection as well as other sources.  The result is a pliable and strong “green” product that is able to contour evenly and consistently.



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